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Corporate Profile

The Academy for Entrepreneurial Studies, Nigeria, is an initiative of the Organized private and Public Sectors with members drawn from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Institute of Directors (IoD) Nigeria, Chambers of Commerce, Nigerian Society of Engineers, the Academia and the Public Service.

Its Main thrust is the development of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in all fields of endeavour. It is both managerially and motivationally oriented, mobilizing people to be wealth creators, economically viable, financially independent; and above all, to be mentally and physically healthy to enjoy acquired wealth.

The programmes in the Academy for Entrepreneurial studies, prepare members for Management and leadership positions in regional, national and international organizations. Curricular and co-curricular emphasis is on ethical leadership, teamwork, creative problem solving, global perspectives and skillful application of basic business tools.


To be Nigeria’s foremost institution in entrepreneurial and Leadership developement, known for building the character of world class workers, leaders and entrepreneurs and perfecting the existing ones as role models.


To develop and deliver education and training programmes to the unemployed, students, workers, leaders and entrepreneurs geared towards creating wealth and eradicating unemployment and mediocrity in the work place.

MODUS OPERANDI- In order to achieve these aim, the Academy seeks to:

1. Provide high quality general management education for executives
2. Apply management concepts and techniques appropriate to the local environment
3. Carry out relevant economic and social research works.
4. Maintain standards comparable to the best international business schools
5. Place special emphasis on business ethics.

AES is committed to increasing awareness of the Nigerian entrepreneurial society, providing innovative learning experiences, and preparing members to compete in Global Business.

Thus the goals of the Academy are to:
· Engage with the Nigerian business community beyond our lecture halls.
· Increase awareness and understanding of the new challenges, opportunities, and concerns in business today.
· Provide innovative learning experiences for members.
· Prepare members to perform successfully in a globally competitive work environment.
· Provide a practical perspective to the integrated study of business, culture, and communication.
· Collaborate and coordinate with local, regional, and international partners in education and business to encourage multi-disciplinary scholarly research, teaching, and practice.


The Academy has been duly certified by all relevant agencies to embark on the following:

1. To carry out Certificate/Diploma/Degree awarding programmes in Entrepreneurial Studies and leadership in various fields of Arts, Science, Humanities, Information Technology and Food Technology.

2. To offer training programmes for students of other institutions, workers, individuals, organizations and groups in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership.

3. To serve as a research institute for entrepreneurial/leadership studies.

4. To nurture, mentor and inspire workers, individuals and groups to identify and develop their potentials for entrepreneurial and leadership works.

5. To help in the industrial/ service development of the Nigerian state with the ultimate objective of creating new job opportunities, businesses and employment.

6. To bring workers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders of repute together so as to form a think tank for mentoring younger entrepreneurs, and chatting the course for entrepreneurial development.

7. To bring world-class entrepreneurs and leaders to Nigeria to share their expertise and knowledge for the development of the Nigerian entrepreneurial society.

8. To give Awards for excellence in Entrepreneurial Studies, Research and excellence in Nigeria.

9. To formulate and monitor the ethics of Directors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

10.To provide an active forum and effective voice for its members in Public Affairs.

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